01Strategic location, convenient transportation

Located in one of the five freshwater lakes to enjoy the "Chinese crabs," said the Hongze County in Jiangsu Province

Near the highway, 205 State Road, 328 provincial highway

Traffic is very convenient

02Product range

The main products are: quartz glass mound, milky white quartz mound, transparent quartz lump (diameter of 600mm or less, the thickness of more than 1mm) quartz mound core

Quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, quartz, And other quartz products.

03Improve pre-market after-sales service, and customers close contact

We look forward to working with customers to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership, win-win situation.

04Advanced equipment, strong technical force

To provide you with high-quality, high standards of products to meet the needs of various users

05Focus on the quality of the product

Companies focus on the quality of the product, the good quality, research and development - production - sales of high quality quartz products

Pay attention to environmental protection and resource conservation, adhere to sustainable development

ecommended Products

about us

Huai'an Guangfa Quartz Glass Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of quartz glass products such as high quality, high purity quartz mound, quartz ring, quartz instrument, optical quartz sheet and so on. It is located in one of the five freshwater lakes. Known as the Hongze County in Jiangsu Province, near the highway, 205 State Road, 328 provincial highway, traffic is very convenient.

The company mainly produces quartz mound, quartz and other quartz glass products deep processing. Factory location is extremely advantageous, convenient transportation, product transportation convenient and quick.

contact us

Huaian Guangfa Quartz Glass Co., Ltd

Contact: Gao Guang

Mobile: 15345174444 Wang Jingli: 15195509351

E-mail: 1028627113@qq.com

Tel: 0517-87289199

Website: www.guangfashiying.com





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